Baja California

Cold front #23 will bring snowfall to Baja California this weekend

Temperatures will drop to 0°C (32°F) in the state of Baja California, causing mostly cold weather and chances of snowfall

National Meteorological Services (SMN) announced a high probability of snowfall in Baja California with the arrival of a new cold front which will affect most of Mexico this weekend, starting in the early morning of Saturday.

This cold phenomenon will spread throughout northeastern and eastern Mexico, as it is connected to an extended low-pressure channel in southern Mexico and with a subtropical downpour current.

In the western coast of the Baja California peninsula, and the coasts of Jalisco and Colima, high tide will continue; it could reach up to 2 to 3 meters high.

There will also be strong gusts of wind, possible hail, and heavy rain accompanied with electric discharges, as well as a drop in temperature all the way to 0°C (32°C), which could cause snow in certain areas of the state, especially in mountainous zones.

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