Tijuana natives waste 37 hours on average in traffic

The average Tijuana native wasted 1 day and 13 hours stuck in traffic in 2022

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend in traffic in Tijuana? The truth is that a little less than a decade ago, traffic in the city increased considerably; so much in fact that the famous “Vía Rápida” (Fast Freeway) is sometimes inaccessible and is not really fast at all.

According to a study by Inrix, a website dedicated to monitoring traffic around the world, Tijuana is currently ranked #167 worldwide. In total, its residents wasted an average of 37 hours in traffic in 2022.

This, unfortunately, shows a 28% increase in comparison with the data from 2021, which means that traffic has considerably increased in one year. In fact, according to this information, Tijuana is fifth place in Mexico with the highest amount of traffic.

The city of Monterrey was 1st place in Mexico, with 116 hours on average in traffic in 2022, it is followed by Mexico City with 74 hours, Guadalajara with 52 hours, and Toluca in fourth place with 38 wasted hours.

If you were wondering, what is the city in the world that wasted the most time in traffic in 2022, the answer is London, who wasted a total of 156 hours in traffic.

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