Homicides decreased in Baja California during the Marina del Pilar administration in 2022

The budget allocated for security in 2023 will be increased to 7 billion pesos

Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, governor of Baja California, highlighted that there was a notable drop in murders recorded in 2022 thanks to the state security strategy based on the intelligence and coordination between the 3 levels of government. She claimed that in 2023 actions will continue to be strengthened to maintain this downward trend.

In the last edition of Wednesday Morning Press Conference with Marina del Pilar of 2022, the State Prosecutor of Baja California, Ricardo Iván Carpio Sánchez, revealed that while 2021 ended with 3,017 homicide victims in the state, three days before the end of 2022, 2,719 murders were reported. This is thanks to strategic actions taken by the State Attorney General Office (FGE) which has worked together with the State Forces of Citizen Security (FESC), municipal police, the National Guard, the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA), and the Secretariat of the Navy (SEMAR).

Carpio Sánchez highlighted that general crime rates are dropping in the state, which motivates him to continue working for the peace and tranquility of Baja Californians in 2023, especially on prevention work to move children and teenagers of the state away from antisocial activities.

In front of media outlets, the prosecutor spoke about how homicides have behaved throughout the year in the seven municipalities of Baja California, highlighting a notable statewide reduction regarding this crime indicator.

As such, Governor Marina del Pilar pointed out that the state security budget will increase to 7 billion pesos, which represents an increase of 25% in contrast with 2022. This increase of 1,4 billion pesos for citizen security can be compared to the budget increases of the last 7 years put together.

In addition, she highlighted the coordination that state authorities have had with municipal governments and the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in order to develop a peaceful and tranquil place for all families.

“In the Secretariat of Citizen Security, we increased the budget by 36%, which means 450 million more pesos than in 2022. These resources will be allocated to hire 134 new members, 16 Violet Squad agents, and 111 operators for 4,000 surveillance cameras, as well as the purchase of 37 new patrol cars, three of which will be used for the Violet Squad,” she explained.

Meanwhile, the State Commission of the Penitentiary System will have its budget increased by 5%, which means more than 64 million pesos for 2023. This money will be allocated, among other things, for 47 new openings for guards, as well as an improvement on food and medication for people in prison.

Regarding the fight against gendered violence, and to guarantee a state of peace for girls, young women, and women, resources will increase for the operation of the Center for the Justice of Women.

“For next year, it will be increased by 31%. With this, we will set up a center in San Quintin, spreading our coverage to protect all women who are victims of violence,” Marina del Pilar stated.

The State Judicial Branch will have 37% more resources, which will allow them to spread their judge areas in Tijuana and strengthen family, labor, and trading areas.

For their part, more than 1,35 billion pesos will be allocated to the State Attorney General Office in relation to what they received this year; a 24% increase.

This money will be allocated to hire 100 investigation agents, rent 30 units, and purchase 15 pickup trucks for investigation staff; and to guarantee its personnel’s retirement, 40 million pesos were allocated as the seed money of their retirement fund.

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