Among lost luggage and delays, flights in San Diego are cancelled again

62% of Southwest Airlines flights have been cancelled or rescheduled

Tijuana International Airport is not the only airport currently in crisis due to cancellations and delays, as there are several flights in San Diego, mainly from Southwest Airlines, which are in the same situation.

While hundreds of people were sleeping in airports, another problem began: luggage started to accumulate and locating them became a nightmare for users at this airport. And though there was an announcement that things were starting to be regulated, a new situation is threatening travelers once more.

Southwest Airlines announced the cancellation of thousands of flights, added to the ones that were cancelled during Christmas season. People rightfully got angry as soon as they found out about this and even the federal government has stated that they will investigate the airline.

This is because the airline started to delay flights after the storm. For their part, union leaders and flight assistants blamed the old software that they use and the company’s current leadership.

“On the heels of wide-scale disruptions, we're working diligently to Safely recover our operation & accommodate displaced Customers & Crews. We know this is unacceptable & sincerely apologize,” the company stated on their social media pages.

According to FlightAware, of the 3,000 cancelled flights, 2,600 were managed by this airline.

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