Criminals threaten to extort Chinese food restaurants in Tijuana

They left a threat and set three cars on fire

Chinese food restaurants in Tijuana are currently being threatened by criminal gangs. They are threatening the owners of these establishments, an unprecedented event in this border city which is proof of growing crime and insecurity.

As such, Tijuana authorities have stated that they will work with the state and federation to protect the Chinese community that lives in this municipality as well as all Tijuana natives.

According to Tijuana’s Municipal President, yesterday, after the extortion threat, an important meeting was held with the Chinese food industry of Tijuana and with the Secretary of Security to handle this issue.

Apparently, Chinese restaurant owners are being asked for $200,000 dollars “to be left alone”, as a sheet of paper left by criminals at a Chinese restaurant reads.

However, this is not just a threat as, yesterday, three cars were set on fire in front of Chinese restaurant, Mykasa.

It should be noted that the Chinese Consulate in Tijuana released a statement where they said that these violent incidents caused a lot of property damage and psychological harm to personnel, as well as panic in Tijuana’s Chinese community.

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