Baja California

FESC arrests seven people involved in drug dealing activities in Baja California

The legal status of the detainees will be determined by the proper authorities in the next few days

The Secretariat of Citizen Security of Baja California (SSCBC) arrested seven individuals who were carrying out illegal drug dealing activities, which are one of the main causes of violence and instability in our state. In the last 24 hours, five men and two women were arrested. They were detained in possession of illegal substances such as heroin, methamphetamine, and marihuana.

These arrests were carried out in the municipalities of Mexicali and Tijuana, where preventive tours were being made in areas marked as high priority, due to the high crime rates regarding people who buy and sell narcotics.

On the Tecate-Tijuana Freeway, near Colonia Paseos Del Vergel, two people were arrested. They are 35-year-old Juventino “N” and 27-year-old Lilibeth “N”, both from Guanajuato. They were traveling on a 2021 Nissan Versa vehicle with border license plates and labeled as Taxi Libre.

FESC officers, when they noticed that the driver was driving recklessly through traffic, asked him to stop and asked both people to get out of the vehicle to review it inside. When they opened the trunk, they located three plastic packages with a brown tape. They cut one of the packages to review what was inside and they found a white substance similar to a drug known as heroin or China White, weighing approximately 3.215 kilograms.

Also, in the city of Tijuana, 27-year-old Mario Alberto was arrested. He is originally from Culiacan, Sinaloa, and he was speeding on First Street in between Constitución and Revolución at Colonia Zona Centro. When the inside of his vehicle, a 2018 Toyota Venza, was checked, they found on the passenger’s seat plastic wrappers sealed with heat; they contained methamphetamine and weighed approximately 31.34 grams. 68 Ziploc-like bags with marihuana, weighing approximately 204 grams, were also found.

The last arrest in Tijuana occurred at Constitución Avenue between Streets Baja California and Coahuila at Colonia Zona Norte, where a man was caught in the act of offering prohibited substances; he is 25-year-old Salvador “N” from Pénjamo, Guanajuato. He had 50 wrappers sealed with heat with drugs known as methamphetamines, weighing approximately 26.5 grams.

In the capital of Baja California, agents of the State Forces arrested 22-year-old Juan David “N” from Culiacan, Sinaloa, and 35-year-old Dolores María Isabel, from Mexicali, when they were walking on Cascada Salto and Río Ateneo Street at Colonia Valle de Puebla. Both were body searched preventively, and agents found a closed plastic bag with a knot in both; these bags had a narcotic known as methamphetamine weighing approximately 19 and 16 grams, respectively.

Another operation took place in Ejido Oviedo Mota Reacomodo, at Valle de Mexicali, where a man, when seen by authorities, dropped a plastic bag he was holding and tried to jump a perimeter fence of an abandoned house. FESC agents managed to catch him and he identified himself as 49-year-old Juan Manuel “N”. His bag was subsequently checked and agents found 70 wrappers of synthetic methamphetamine substances, weighing approximately 36 grams, and 12 wrappers with marihuana, weighing approximately 39 grams.

It should be noted that the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Baja California (SSCBC) continues to work preventively through FESC with daily surveillance tours that continue to bring favorable results for people, part of the goal to recover peace in the streets of Baja California.

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