Los Angeles is one of the most sinful cities in the United States

This is according to website WalletHub

Photo by: Unsplash

It is well known that Las Vegas is known as Sin City due to several different reasons, however, it is not the only city in the United States with these characteristics. Website WalletHub carried out a study to prove this, in which Los Angeles was ranked as one of the most sinful cities of the country.

In their newest article named “100 Most Sinful Cities in America”, 182 American cities (including 150 of the most populated cities in the country and at least 2 of the most populated cities of each state) were compared trying to determine which one was the most sinful according to a 100 point rating.

As methodology, they used 38 relevant metrics (for example: drug use, number of casinos, violent crimes per capita, Google searches regarding pornography or Tinder, tan rooms per capita, birth rates among teenagers, and more) divided into 7 key fields:

  • 1) Wrath and hatred
  • 2) Envy
  • 3) Excesses and Vices
  • 4) Greed
  • 5) Lust
  • 6) Pride
  • 7) Sloth

According to this, Los Angeles was ranked 6th place with 52.86 total points. Other California cities were included such as San Diego which was ranked #56 with 41.28 points. It is no surprise that Las Vegas was 1st place with 59.93 points.

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