Governor Marina del Pilar presents the 2022 State Sports Awards

Racquetball player Álvarez Beltrán was the big winner of the State Sports Awards as the Sportsperson of the Year

Today, November 14, 2022, in the city of Ensenada, Baja Californian Governor Marina del Pilar led the 2022 State Sports Awards ceremony where outstanding sportspeople, coaches, and sport promoters of Baja California are recognized and awarded according to their accomplishments in the world of sports throughout the year.

The 1st place winner as Sportsperson of the Year was Álvaro Beltrán, experienced racquetball player while the 2nd and 3rd places were won by gymnast Natalia Escalera and weight-lifter Emmy Velázquez, respectively.

In her speech, Marina del Pilar stated that sportspeople as well as their families, coaches, and trainers represent an inspiration for Baja Californians, especially for children who are considering getting into sports.

"Any girl or boy who wishes to practice sports will have the full support and aid from our government,” she claimed and she underscored that the times when sportspeople of Baja California didn’t have any support for their competitions and had to ask for money for training or to compete out of the state are over.

“Our government, through the Institute of Sports and Physical Culture, is committed wholeheartedly and thoroughly with our sportspeople, with their families, and their trainers. You can be sure that we are going to continue boosting sports, because the promotion of all kinds of physical activity is one of the pillars of our State Development Plan,” she explained.

She also made special mention of Embotelladora del Fuerte, an institution that received the Strategic Ally of the Year Award, due to their participation in promoting sports and physical activity in communities.

"Thanks to all sportspeople, their families, and their trainers for living every day of your lives with your hearts above all,” she said.

In the Trainer category, Héctor Depestre, of boating; Pavel Ocegeuera, of artistic gymnastics; and José Manuel Loyola, of rowing were all awarded. Meanwhile in the Athletes with Disability category, 1st place was awarded to Karina Martínez, of boccia, 2nd place to Shantal Cobos, of track and field, and 3rd place to Fabián Cázares, of swimming.

The Young Athlete Distinction was awarded to swimmer Abril Sukey Ariel; the Sports Manager Award to Lorena Posada, of rowing; and Sports Promoter of the Year to Alfredo Palazuelos. It should be noted that the Child Athlete of the Year Award was given to Alexandra Sartie.

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