GoFundMe campaign is set up to support the family of Rebeca and Hugo

The campaign was created during the search for Hugo, Rebeca’s brother

The unfortunate incidents that occurred due to rains on Tuesday, November 8 in Tijuana, which caused the deaths of siblings Rebeca and Hugo, have mobilized the community who wishes to support the Miranda Olivera family; as such they created a crowdfunding campaign.

After three long and agonizing days, the body of Hugo Enrique Miranda Olivera was found 9 kilometers away from Cañón de Pato, after both he and his sister were swept away by the current. Rescue units started to look for him at 9 AM on Thursday, November 10, and finished at 1 PM on the same day when a K9 unit found the body, while being directed by Hugo’s cellphone’s GPS location.

This sad event did not go unnoticed by Tijuana citizens. During the rescue operations, a GoFundMe campaign was set up in order to benefit the Miranda Olivera family. Once Hugo’s body was found, the campaign continues to be active. The organizer of this campaign is Sarahí García, who is looking to bring support due to the irreparable loss of life of these two young people.

Sarahí’s campaign funds will be delivered physically and directly to the family, who are the beneficiaries. If you wish to help, you can donate by clicking here.

The incidents that occurred during this storm, among other things, are a result of the deterioration of the city of Tijuana, plus the little care and attention that the municipal administration provides for the areas of the city that need it the most.

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