Homebuyers in San Diego opt to buy houses in Baja California

In 2022, there was an increase of house sales in Baja California to foreigners

Acquiring a house in San Diego is practically impossible due to high prices, which is why this city’s residents have decided to look for other options on the other side of the border as a valid and affordable choice. Buying houses in Baja California has become a solution to all of their problems.

And that is because Baja California has it all: a city with ports of entry to San Diego (and if you apply for SENTRI, long lines stop being a problem), beautiful beaches with beautiful views, and the vineyard areas in Valle de Guadalupe, as well as its delicious food in all of its municipalities.

This means that these destinations have stopped being just for vacationing or weekend getaways, and have become foreigners’ permanent residencies. San Diegan media outlet CBS8 spoke with Julian Camacho, president of a real estate association, who stated that Californian residents prefer these homes because they basically save up half of their money.

He also stated that in 2022, there was an 11% increase of Americans looking for properties in Baja California. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, home office and remote work was established; once the restrictions were ended, companies continued with this model, which makes working from Mexico much easier.

Though Baja California is one of the most expensive places to live in Mexico, it is considered “affordable” by San Diego residents. For example, a house at Real del Mar with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms costs around $332,000 dollars, while the same house would cost double in San Diego.

This also has its negative side. For example, rent prices in cities such as Tijuana have increased to the point that they are considered unaffordable for Mexican residents, especially if we talk about some of the municipality’s best areas where rent for a studio with a bedroom can cost between $500 and $700 dollars.

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