Baja Californian Governor Marina del Pilar settles historic debt with the state’s teacher’s union

The governor thanked President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for joining efforts with her administration

The first state of the state address by the governor of Baja California Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda took place on Sunday, November 6, where she stated that the formula for wellbeing is all about guaranteeing the best education, health services, and better opportunities for all people.

In her administration’s first year, the governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda settled the historic debt with the state’s teacher’s union with 3 billion pesos. This fulfills a demand that hadn’t been addressed by previous administrations, the governor announced during her first state of the state address which took place in the capital of Baja California.

“In my campaign I promised that I would settle this historic debt that previous and insensitive governments had left unattended. This important social group was not receiving their retirement severance or death payments, interim teacher contracts and savings accounts were also not being paid,” she said.

In addition, she highlighted the support by the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, for generating the 2 billion pesos in order to stabilize most of this debt that had accumulated since 2017, as well as the coordination with the state government which will pay the remaining money starting on Monday, November 7.

Marina del Pilar invited all teachers that are currently owed something to go to the payment booths in Mexicali, Tijuana, Ensenada, Rosarito, and Tecate, starting at 8 AM. With this “the total and complete debt that was troubling you so much will be settled, which amounts to approximately 3 billion pesos, an unprecedented figure in order to benefit the union.”

To all of this, one can also add that, for the first time in several years, in December, the total amount of salaries and benefits will be paid by the end of the year. The governor underscored that her government hasn’t delayed payments for the union for even one single day, due to an essential commitment with education for present and future generations.

Accompanied by her family and federal, state, and municipal officials, members of the legislative and judicial branches, business leaders, civil society representatives, media outlets, and Baja Californian society at large, the governor added that more than 135,000 children are receiving a hot, well-balanced, and healthy breakfast in schools as part of her program “Pancita llena, corazón contento”.

The wellbeing of all Baja Californian students is important for the state administration, which is why school supplies have been delivered to over 378,000 students, with things such as schoolbags, uniforms, books, transportation, among other needs. As President López Obrador has said, “Even just one scholarship, just one, can be the difference between a doctor and a hitman.”

Regarding elderly people, the governor emphasized the success that the intense cataract surgery campaign has had, which has provided this surgical procedure to people who wouldn’t have been able to afford a surgery that would allow them to have good eyesight.

Regarding working women who are also in charge of their families, Marina del Pilar stated that they are not alone. They are being supported by the state government and that has been demonstrated by the more than 32,500 women who have received aid through the Violet Card, which was given to them because “with their hands they lift up our state’s entire wealth.”

In addition, she reaffirmed the government of Baja California’s commitment to strengthen actions to fight against sexist violence in the state, through an unprecedented increase to the budget of the Center for the Justice of Women, as well as other policies where the state DIF also participates.

“Our government, for reasons that should be evident, is especially sensitive to help in building equality and fighting against gender violence. That is why we developed the Violet Squad which takes care, protects, and accompanies women who have been victims of sexist violence, and the Violet Transport, which guarantees safe routes and mobility so that all of them arrive home healthy and free. I want to emphasize this: if you touch one, you touch all of us: you're also touching the governor of Baja California,” she added.

Regarding the regularization of foreign vehicles, Marina del Pilar underscored that with more than 170,000 cars, Baja California is the leader regarding this program’s implementation which has been promoted by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador who, in order to spread its reach, has extended the duration of this decree until December 31.

In economic matters, Marina del Pilar stated that new investments are currently reaching around 2.3 billion dollars, which means that the productive sector is being boosted not only so that there are more jobs, but also so that they pay better and all workers can improve their families’ economy.

The governor thanked the permanent support by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador who has been an example of perseverance and commitment in order to transform people’s lives, always prioritizing those who need it the most; he has also been an essential actor in building peace through effective coordination regarding citizen security matters.

Lastly, the governor thanked all the people and society’s sectors that were present during her administration’s first year, promoting public policies that are looking to resolve problems that have been plaguing the state for decades.

“Regarding this task of building a better future for Baja California, I’m asking for your support: it is not only about the budget and the willingness of a government to move forward, Mexico has changed and it requires everyone. It needs your intelligence, your companionship, your heart to build the future that we dream of,” she concluded.

At this event the following people were present: members of the state cabinet, Norma Alicia Bustamante Martínez, mayor of Mexicali; Montserrat Caballero Ramírez, mayor of Tijuana; Armando Ayala Robles, mayor of Ensenada; Édgar Darío Benítez Ruiz, mayor of Tecate; Jesús Alejandro Ruiz Uribe, federal delegate in Baja California. The following people were also present: local representatives such as Alejandra Ang, president of the General Committee of the State Congress; Alejandro Isaac Fragozo López, President of the Judicial Branch of Baja California; Olivia Lopez, representative for Claudia Sheinbaum, head of government of Mexico City; Sergio Cervantes, representative of the governor of Tlaxcala, Lorena Cuéllar; Senator José Narro; Second Navy Region Commander, Almirante Luis Javier Robinson Portillo; National Guard Coordinator of Baja California, Jorge Enrique Martínez Medina, and Alonso Jiménez, representative of María Luisa Albores, head of SEMARNAT.

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