Baja Californian Governor Marina del Pilar gets standing ovation during her first state of the state address

“Today I am honored and glad to be held accountable,” the governor said

In the first state of the state address by current governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, which took place in the afternoon of November 6, 2022, she spoke about all the actions that she has carried out in order to improve the quality of life of all the people of Baja California.

First, she shared a video that summarized all of her initiatives and, among these, she shared that 9 billion pesos are being invested in 9 projects which include infrastructure for the municipalities of Tijuana, Tecate, Ensenada, Mexicali, San Quintín, and Rosarito.

Something else that she mentioned is that due to the program “Ojo a la delincuencia”, 4,000 security cameras will be installed in strategic areas in order to provide more security in the streets of Baja California for all people.

Among some other remarkable programs, there are the initiatives to boost the tourist area of Valle de Guadalupe, as well as those that are helping women with a violet transportation line and aid and economic stimulus for entrepreneurs. One should also mention the $2,600 bimonthly pesos that women in charge of their homes receive as aid.

The first thing Ávila Olmeda did when she got on stage was to thank all the members of her cabinet, who have supported her during her administration and her family. “Today I am honored and glad to be held accountable,” she claimed.

For me, the most important and relevant thing is to share my experience of this exciting year… a year of making good use of the responsibility I was given with your vote… of looking for ways to be up to par with your wishes, dreams, and ambitions, of those who brought me here.

In addition, she shared that though work has been hard for her and her team, they didn’t rest until they reached all the different neighborhoods of all municipalities to get informed about the problems that people face and boost the region’s development.

“As long as I’m governor I’m not going to allow a single Baja Californian child in school to go hungry. I don’t understand how this problem wasn’t resolved before, and it is true: it is an important part of the budget, but it is not impossible… the willingness was missing and we accomplished it in less than a year,” she said when she spoke about education.

In addition, she spoke about previous administrations’ debts and said that she is working to resolve this issue every day and claimed that she won’t stop working until all teachers get the money that they deserve. “I will make this happen out of conviction,” she claimed.

Starting tomorrow, checks for teachers will be available.

Furthermore, she shared that this first state of the state address wasn’t an “empty speech” and used this opportunity to show her support for the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. It should be noted that when she finished her speech, the governor was met with a standing ovation by attendants.

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