Marina del Pilar: RESPIRA shows progress in transforming transport in Baja California

The plan is for projects related to this initiative to conclude in 2023, as new programs will be implemented in order to continue improving the quality of life of Baja Californians

Due to the progress made by the RESPIRA program, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, governor of Baja California, stressed that the state administration’s goal is to strengthen the mobility in the state’s main cities so as to increase quality time for families as well as boost the state’s economic development.

During the 50th edition of “Wednesday Morning Press Conference with Marina del Pilar” in the city of Mexicali, the governor recalled most of the projects to improve roads that she has promoted during her administration’s first year. These projects are meant to solve problems caused by several years of abandonment, addressed by joining forces and the willingness to govern in a new way.

“For the development of Baja California, we have implemented a very important program: RESPIRA, which is boosting a series of essential projects for our streets, our cities, so that our areas are more habitable, with better traffic and mobility conditions,” Marina del Pilar said.

Among the main projects listed by Marina del Pilar there is the Hector Terán Terán-Alamar Road Node in the city of Tijuana, which will allow for continuous traffic flow on both roads, making traveling times more efficient and allowing a quicker access to the Otay port of entry. It will also create more security, better air quality, and wellbeing for more than 400,000 people.

Another key project for the metropolitan area of the Tijuana, Tecate, and Playas de Rosarito municipalities is the construction of the Casa Blanca – Tijuana/Rosarito Corredor 2000 bridge, which will allow traveling times to be shortened and will reduce polluting emissions.

Meanwhile in Mexicali, there is the restoration of CETYS Boulevard between Ninth Street and the Abasolo Freeway. Asphaltic layers are being constructed in this area; more lanes will be added, street signs will be improved, and traveling times will be reduced, while improving the city’s image for residents and visitors.

There is also the expansion of Gómez Morín Boulevard, between Héctor Terán Terán Boulevard and Anáhuac Boulevard, as well as the expansion of the Islas Agrarias freeway from Ninth Street to the crossing road ring. Two lanes will be constructed here as well as rain and sanitation drainage; public lighting and green areas will be restored. Regarding Ensenada, the RESPIRA program includes 16 projects to rehabilitate more than 138 square meters of roads.

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