Project to connect SITT in Tijuana with San Diego Trolley is proposed

The goal would be to create a binational route that connects it with the San Diego Trolley

Though the Comprehensive Transportation System of Tijuana (SITT) is currently abandoned, there is a proposal to restore it and, not only that, to improve it. This proposal would create a binational route that connects it with the San Diego Trolley.

Among the improvements, they would create an operational link with the state projects at Aguacaliente Boulevard and the plotted route of the Elevated Train, as well as the main route between Otay and Santa Fe.

According to information revealed by authorities, for this project to came to fruition the SITT route would need to be set up in a way that would decrease the number of stations (from 48 to only 15). In addition, it was also revealed that the first stage of this project could begin very soon, in 2023.

Another important thing to note is that Obed Silva, Secretary of Mobility of the Municipal Administration, stated that the person who presented this project was the Secretary of the Interior of Baja California, Catalino Zavala.

Regarding this idea to connect a binational route with SITT, no more information or details have been revealed. It is still unknown whether this project is feasible, however, the information for this project is already available on the social media pages of the government of Tijuana, which means that the project could become a reality.

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