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Governor Marina del Pilar participates in event celebrating culture of prevention

This talk had Sebastián Marroquín, son of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, as a guest

In order to spread awareness to new generations of Baja Californians, Governor Marina del Pilar promoted the talk “Un llamado al corazón. Pablo Escobar: una historia para no repetir” (An appeal to the heart. Pablo Escobar: a story that shouldn’t be repeated) by Sebastián Marroquín, son of the infamous Colombian drug trafficker. This talk took place at State Center of the Arts facilities in Mexicali where thousands of high school students attended and welcomed the governor with great joy.

The state governor told the thousands of young people present that the reality of organized crime is not as is shown on TV shows and streaming platforms. That is why being completely aware of the consequences of these illegal activities is so valuable, not to mention the importance of always having a healthy coexistence with everyone, in order to live in a respectful and safe environment where everyone can develop and reach the objectives and goals that they set for themselves.

In coordination with the Secretariat of Education, the conference was livestreamed on Google for Education, which is why Sebastián Marroquín’s views were able to reach the highest number of Baja Californian students. It should be noted that this event was part of the 21st edition of October Festival, the most important cultural event in Baja California which is also organized by the Secretariat of Culture of Baja California.

“Welcome Sebastián Marroquín to your home, Baja California. I know you have traveled around the entire world sharing your message, making an Appeal to the Heart. It is an honor to welcome you here in the capital of our state. As you have confirmed, Baja California is a hospitable and welcoming place where we love peace,” the governor told the speaker before the event began.

In this context, Marina del Pilar stated that, due to the state’s geographical location, Baja California has sadly been a place coveted by drug traffickers. However, there are more people who want to work and live honestly and peacefully. This is why it is important for the young people of Baja California to know that they should not create destruction or promote any type of violence.

“To you, young people, I tell you that I believe in you. Our government believes in you and we don’t want anyone to cut off your wings and your dreams, taking you down the wrong path. We know that you have huge wings and you just need to open them up to fly. We are making an Appeal to the Heart and I know that you are doing things with your Heart Above All to receive it,” Marina del Pilar concluded.

In his speech, Sebastián Marroquín underscored that a criminal life is not something that should be seen as something to aspire to, as it leaves behind terrible consequences on the lives of those involved and their loved ones. That is why he encouraged young people to choose paths that lead to peace, since it is possible to develop in an environment without any violence where dignity is respected for all people.

Marroquín showed real aspects of his life with his father, where he made it clear that though he was a criminal lord with a fortune worth millions of dollars, his actions didn’t allow him to live freely and he was often forced to live hidden in improper spaces. That is why he reiterated that the reality of crime is very different from what is shown on TV since it tends to romanticize criminal life.

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