American is almost used as a “blind drug mule” to smuggle drugs from Tijuana to San Diego

The individual was about to be a victim of what is known as a blind drug mule, one of the ways in which organized crime smuggles drugs

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An American citizen called 9-1-1 because inside his car, drug packages had been placed without him noticing.

This incident occurred in Playas de Tijuana, when the individual was about to go somewhere else. When he opened his car trunk, he noticed that several packages of methamphetamine had been stored inside. He then called 9-1-1 and he was aided by officers of the municipal police.

The individual was a victim, or was about to be, of what is known as a “blind drug mule” which means carrying packages of drugs on vehicles, without the owners realizing it. Once these private vehicles cross the border, organized crime members follow them and get their merchandise.

The situation as it is currently being experienced in Tijuana seems almost unparalleled in the last few days. The response by authorities to stop drug trafficking and the constant assaults and muggings by organized crime groups seem to be out of control.

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