Marina del Pilar has tripled the investment by the government of Baja California to benefit the wellbeing of its people

The government of Baja California has invested more than 2 billion pesos to provide comprehensive care to the state’s vulnerable groups

Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, governor of Baja California, stated that, so far this year, more than 2 billion pesos have been invested in order to benefit the wellbeing of families and vulnerable groups of Baja California. This number is three times more of what was allocated for the same issue in 2021.

During the 47th edition of “Wednesday Morning Press Conference with Marina del Pilar” carried out at Teletón Center of Child Rehabilitation (CRIT) facilities in Tijuana, the state governor stated that at the beginning of her administration, strategic financial measures were applied that allowed them to deal with inherited social problems with positive results.

“Due to this challenge, we have gathered all of society’s sectors, leaving behind the unnecessary conflicts to build a new way of making a government, to work with Our Heart Above All. We do this because we understand that to transform Baja California, it is necessary to deal with those who have been forgotten in the past, all of those whose opportunities were denied, the most vulnerable among us,” she said.

Ávila Olmeda underscored that this social vision of politics is the same followed by the government of Mexico led by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who has sent the message that the main point of politics is the wellbeing of all people.

As such, she emphasized that lack of food is one of the state administration’s priorities, which is why they have delivered more than 830,000 food supplies. The Pancita Llena, Corazón Contento (Full Belly, Happy Heart) program was also launched and has served over 16 million hot breakfasts in schools, creating better conditions for our children.

“Another group that we are very clearly committed to is women. This is why we toured the most vulnerable communities to show them these programs and register these women, who are part of the Violet Card program. With this program we deliver a bimonthly support of 2,600 pesos to more than 32,000 women in vulnerable situations who are heads of their families,” she stated.

Regarding people with disabilities, the governor has stated that, in coordination with the government of Mexico, 360 million pesos have been allocated that will allow 23,000 people to receive aid. This, she said, without putting families’ economies aside, which is why in 2022 more than 35,000 deliveries have been made that helped them to pay for electric bills and 134,000 to pay for gas.

In another relevant issue, and to prevent young people from abandoning their studies, the state administration has supported 4,600 young people, with 2,000 pesos in aid for high school and 2,500 pesos for higher education. At basic education schools, uniforms, schoolbags, and school shoes have been provided to more than 49,000 children.

As part of her activities on Tuesday, the governor went to the closing of the Extramuros Campaign, alongside the Teletón Foundation, which the state government has backed with more than 76 million pesos so that they can maintain and expand their care capacity.

It should be noted that this program has allowed specialized care to be provided at CRIT to more than 1,088 children and teenagers with disabilities of at least three municipalities. This is why Ávila Olmeda pointed out that she will continue to coordinate with this foundation in order to transform the lives of those who need it.

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