Disneyland California raises ticket prices

It should be noted that ticket prices had already been raised last year

Photo by: Unsplash

One of the world’s most famous theme parks Disneyland California Adventure, “the happiest place on Earth”, welcomes thousands of visitors each year. Here, people have fun with Disney characters, enjoy food, and have a great time with their family, friends, partners, or by themselves.

However, one of the key factors to decide whether to visit this park is its prices. Currently, the ticket price is over $100 dollars, depending on the level chosen (as the level increases, so does the price). If one chooses the “Park Hopper” option (to visit more than one park in one day) or “Genie+” (which gives one access to Lightning Lane), you will need to pay extra.

It has been revealed that, starting October 11, 2022, 1-day ticket prices at Disneyland California Adventure will be raised (with some exceptions) between 9% and 11%. Park Hopper will still cost $60 dollars, while the Genie+ price will increase to $25 dollars per day.

According to, if you wait and purchase Genie+ at the park, it could end up having its price increased on busy days, which is why they recommend purchasing it beforehand. In October 2021, Disney had already announced a ticket price increase, so this is not something new for this company.

It should be noted that Universal Studios Hollywood tends to raise its prices soon after Disney increases theirs, so if you were thinking about going to another park, you will need to take into account the extra money that you won’t be using for souvenirs, food, or other things.

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