Marina del Pilar presents investments of millions as a result of her promotion activities during European tour

Baja California continues to move forward in order to become a focal point of alternative innovations worldwide

As a result of her trip to Europe, Governor Marina del Pilar announced that million-dollar investments are expected in the state of Baja California, of which 142 million dollars are already confirmed by three companies. In her visit to the industrial areas of France and Germany, the governor mentioned that the results have been given on a margin of 10 days and 10 different cities, whose end goal was to boost economic conditions for Baja California.

“The push for these new investments is given before a great landscape regarding direct foreign investment. In the first semester of 2022, it reached more than 1,1 billion dollars, which also adds up to the important creation of jobs that we are currently experiencing,” Marina del Pilar said.

Accompanied by Secretary of Economy and Innovation of Baja California, Kurt Ignacio Honold Morales, the governor pointed out that, with numbers from last August, it has been recorded that the state has more than a million workers affiliated to the Mexican Institute of Social Security. It should be noted that 11.7 jobs for every 100,000 inhabitants have been created, the fifth best rate in the country.

Ávila Olmeda stated that the most notable thing is that the new jobs in Baja California are solid and are part of a sustainable tendency in public policies that are looking to create well-paying labor spaces.

"That is why we carried out this tour, with a long-term vision, because the companies we met belong to sectors that are going to mark the economic direction of the next 50 years and, as such, they will create benefits for Baja Californians in the short and long term,” she said.

For his part, Honold Morales stated that as part of the work carried out in Europe, French and Germany companies already in Baja California are being funneled with the intention of integrating higher added value processes. As such, state authorities will focus on the productive vocations of Baja California that are related to high technological content.

“By adding these companies and academia, from the government we are making it clear that confrontation is a thing of the past, that the transformation is consolidating with a state where all of us are moving forward together,” Governor Marina del Pilar added.

The state governor emphasized that during her European mission the national leadership of Baja California in several fields was highlighted, as well as the opportunities regarding issues such as electric mobility, biotechnology, and the winemaking industry.

Additionally, the governor highlighted that links were created with water supply organizations in order to learn and make the best use of the successful models that they have developed in other parts of the world to take care of water resources in the best way possible.

As such, Marina del Pilar thanked the support of the government of Mexico led by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the Secretariat of Foreign Relations, whose embassies in France and Germany accompanied her during her tour.

“We also are moving forward in creating new opportunities in 48 meetings with high value business sectors, such as biotechnology, aerospace, sustainable mobility, semiconductors, design, information technologies, winemaking, infrastructure for handling and sanitizing water, and port and railway logistics,” she explained.

In her European tour the following people were present: a group of Baja Californian entrepreneurs which consisted of Pablo Charvel, Marco Kuljacha, Guillermo Quintana, and José Córdova of the Commission of Industrial Development of Mexicali; and Carlos Jaramillo and Roberto Carrillo of the Commission of Economic and Industrial Development of Tijuana, as well as Alejandro Bustamante, executive vice president of International Operations of Plamex in Poly.

Regarding water issues and with the participation of the Secretary for the Management, Sanitation, and Protection of Water of Baja California, José Armando Fernández Samaniego, six meetings were held with SIIAP, the organization that regulates water in France, the International Organization of Water located in Paris, the German Water Agency, the Berlin Water Company, and the Port Operating Company in Hamburg, Germany.

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