Unstoppables homicides in Tijuana: musician Ernesto Molina is murdered

He was mugged in broad daylight

Ernesto Molina was a musician who performed live in Tijuana and San Diego. He died on Monday, October 3rd after being shot several times to steal the money that he had obtained at a currency exchange house at Calle 11.

The mugging took place at broad daylight around 1 PM. According to information by local media outlet Punto Norte, another man that was eating at a food truck nearby was also hurt by a stray bullet.

The person who delivered the sad news about Molina’s death was his wife, who posted this statement on his Facebook page:

With the deepest pain in my heart, soul, and body, I tell you that my husband Ernesto Molina is now a part of an army of angels, victim of a mugging in broad daylight, I know a lot of people love him and I cannot notify you one by one, which is why I do it through here, keep an eye for when we notify where the funeral services will be held.

On the other hand, Baja Californian musicians and venues where Molina used to perform have mourned his passing and have shared that they admire the artist, as well as expressing their deepest condolences to the members of his family.

Violence in Tijuana continues. This case is added to the one where a salesman was burned by municipal police officers a while ago, with the one with little Kevin Yael, murdered journalists, among others. It looks that broad daylight in Tijuana has stopped being safe for people.

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