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San Diego has the most haunted house in all of America

Visitors have taken pictures of bizarre things in the house

Photo by: Whaley House & Amanda Davis

Spooky month is less than 12 hours away and what a better way to start it with than with an iconic place in San Diego that many people may not know very well. We are talking about Whaley House, a home full of history and spirits to the point that it was called the “Most Haunted House in all of America.”

This house is proof that San Diego also has an evil side, since this is the most haunted place in all of America. Its history begins in 1855 before it was even built. The land bought by Thomas Whaley was an area where one of the most famous public executions of the city took place: the hanging of thief Yankee Jim Robinson.

Years later, when the house was built and the Whaley family, Thomas, his wife Anna, and his three children moved in officially in 1857, the first tragedy struck: the death of 18-month-old boy Thomas, due to a scarlet fever infection. Months later, a fire occurred in the house, which made Whaley moved to San Francisco. He came back five years later with five children. This house was abandoned after being the headquarters of several activities and businesses, and Thomas decided to stay there.

Another tragedy that struck this home was the suicide of Violet, the youngest daughter of the Whaley marriage. After divorcing George Bertolacci, she was so ashamed that she shot herself in the chest in 1885. As years went by, the house continued to be the witness of the lives and deaths of the Whaley family.

Visitors claim that they have heard several noises, and most witnesses stated that it was the ghost of Yankee Jim Robinson stepping and leaving his ghostly footprints. They also claim to hear smaller steps, laughter, and baby cries, which could be little Thomas, and there have even been sightings of a young woman strolling around the house’s second floor, in the exact place where Violet spent most of her time before divorcing and committing suicide. A characteristic smell from Anna’s French perfume has also been perceived and Mr. Whaley has also been seen standing at the top of the stairs with his frock coat and top hat.

Though nobody has lived in that house since 1953, sightings such as fogs, cold areas, door slams, lights turning on and off, lamp crystals in the music room moving for no reason, and an endless number of strange activities have continued to occur. This has led people to believe that the spirits of the Whaley family haunt the house to this day. Several tours are carried out here and attendants are still witnesses to these paranormal activities, some of which have been captured by cameras.

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