Americans’ dreams of owning their own homes becomes a reality in Tijuana

Tijuana looks like a paradise that gives Americans the option of owning their homes

The dream of a lot of people is to have their own home, but the real estate market in San Diego, and many other places in the United States, has unaffordable prices. Because of this, real estate agencies in Tijuana have provided a solution for those who are looking for homes.

The “new American dream” is found in Tijuana since rents and housing prices here are more affordable than living anywhere else in the United States, especially in California, where housing costs have increased 200% since 2011.

Due to this, Tijuana looks like a paradise that is giving Americans the option to have their own homes and, at the same time, keep their lifestyle, since the international border crossing, both at San Ysidro and Otay, are only a few minutes away from the most popular residential areas.

NBC San Diego published a report where two San Diegans decided to move to Tijuana. Despite having great jobs, they never would have been able to save up enough money to own a home.

This is the case for at least 1,6 million American citizens who have made Mexico their place of residence. On this same report, it was revealed that a quarter of the people a real estate agency has helped move to Tijuana are from San Diego.

On the other hand, Playas de Rosarito has also become a kind of paradise for American retirees. They even created a YouTube channel called “Mexico Relocation Guide” where Americans help their fellow citizens to move to Tijuana or another municipality near the border.

On this channel, one can find testimonials of people taking advantage of the low rent prices (in comparison with California) and how they moved there to get the best from both worlds.

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