Government of Baja California thanks that daylight savings time has been maintained in the state

The Secretary of the Interior mentioned that due to the links between Baja California and California, it is important for times to match

The government of Baja California, through Secretary of the Interior, Catalino Zavala, thanked the members of the MORENA parliamentary group at the Chamber of Deputies for allowing daylight savings time to remain in Baja California so that significant relations with California are not affected, which represent wellbeing for the state’s families.

The state official highlighted that the governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda has as a priority to strengthen the binational relation with the United States, specifically with California. This is because the commercial, economic, social, and historically cultural relations between both states are an essential part of the development of Baja California in several aspects.

As such, Zavala Márquez stated that the MORENA legislators gave them a chance to continue with the actions that are being carried out to strengthen the Baja Californian economy, which is closely related to the state of California in several ways. This is why the secretary spoke about the willingness of federal representatives to support the Baja Californian people.

Lastly, he highlighted that the state government will maintain a close coordination with the Chamber of Deputies to deal with issues that directly benefit state families, according to the policies of the Fourth Transformation to create equality conditions for all people, especially people with the greatest needs.

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