Marina del Pilar promotes economic interaction between Hamburg and Baja California

The governor of Baja California confirmed that there were possible routes through the Hamburg port for foreign trade with Baja California

During her visit to the city of Hamburg, the governor of Baja California Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda met with consulting company Hamburg Port Consulting in order to analyze the possibilities there are to create economic and commercial activities with Baja California. The state governor pointed out that the international mobility of goods and merchandise represents a great opportunity to create jobs in Baja California.

Marina del Pilar said that there are multiple opportunities that the city of Hamburg offers to foreign trade with Baja California, which is why the information provided by foreign trade specialists was so valuable. They explained thoroughly to the governor how the port works and the mechanisms that can be useful so that Baja California becomes a key area for economic interaction with North America.

As such, and accompanied by customs officials, Ávila Olmeda toured the Hamburg port facilities, where she was witness to the actions carried out to modernize and digitalize its operation, as well as the possibility of new routes to take advantage of Baja California’s advantageous geographical position. These advantages can be noticed when developing high-impact projects in economic matters.

On the other hand, Governor Marina del Pilar was invited to a meeting with the Latin American Business Association, which is made of a network of businessmen interested in investing and developing projects in Latin America. These are potential investors to whom Marina del Pilar presented the opportunities offered by Baja California, as one of the best places to invest in North America.

It should be noted that the Secretary of Economy and Innovation of Baja California, Kurt Ignacio Honold Morales, was also present at these meetings. He pointed out that proper port infrastructure, possible commercial routes, and interest by German entrepreneurs are positive factors that could create a route to establish a commercial and economic relation with this region, which will create jobs and wellbeing for the working class.

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