Tijuana Toros wins second match of Classic for a Cause series

All money raised at the ticket booth will be allocated to aid people with cancer, especially children and women

The Tijuana Toros won their match against the Mexicali Águilas 6 to 4, where the performance by Cuban Félix Pérez was the highlight. On this second game of the Classic for a Cause series, a total of 25,000 people enjoyed both matches and contributed, through a donation, to promote helping foundations Castro-Limón and Mujeres Que Viven, who aid children and women with cancer.

On Saturday, in the presence of 12,887 fans, a baseball and solidarity celebration took place, which began with the first ball throw by a boy named Sebastián Valenzuela, who beat cancer. This act was headed by the Director of the Institute of Sports and Physical Health, Lourdes Cañez Martínez, who thanked both teams’ fans for their support.

"The ones who will benefit the more are, undoubtedly, the children and women who need treatment and who will be able to move on and continue fighting,” the official stated.


The second match was more contested than the one that took place in Mexicali, but Toros were ahead since very early, and though Águilas seemed like they would recover, Toros never lost their lead.

Isaac Rodríguez opened the game with a double to the right and was immediately run batted with a single hit to the left by José Chávez, who ended up being eliminated on the next play, where Junior Lake got to the base when the out occurred. The Antillean Pérez continued his attack with another hit to the right. Later, both Lake and Pérez both made a run with another double by Agustín Murillo to the right as well.

Águilas responded until the third play, with a sole homerun by Yahir Gámez to the left, with pitcher Tony Guerra.

However, when this chapter ended, Toros got two more runs. Águilas pitcher José Luis Reyes seemed to move to a calm inning but, with one out, the first baseman Israel Camacho fielded incorrectly a throw by shortstop Andrés Álvarez, allowing Lake to take a run. Pérez came in and made another run and left the score 5-1.

Mexicali insisted on the fourth turn, with an opening by Kevin Zamudio where he lined the ball and got to second base. Later, Jio Orozco gave room to outfielder Amilcar Gómez so that both of them could make the run with a double by Fernando Díaz.

Toros added another run on the second turn, with a single by Óscar Romero to the center field, reaching to second base with a ground ball by Daniel Núñez, and making a run with a left hit by Pérez, which completed his great game. 4 to 3 with 3 ribs.

It should be noted that Pérez won the match as pitcher, on the fifth turn, where he forced four men out with a central fly by Rafael Franco, a strike out to Diego Ramírez, a base on balls for Andrés Álvarez, and a ground ball to shortstop Kevin Zamudio, who got to first with the out.

On the ninth turn, Águilas tried one last time. Carlos Arellano opened and made a double and was ribbed with a hit by Gómez, both to the right. But Jesús Pirela used his arm, forcing Camacho and Ramón Mora to elevate the left which caused the third strike for Oliver Carrillo. Pérez was named Most Valuable Player of the second match.

The limelight of Chevron Stadium was turned off until 2023. Meanwhile, Águilas begin their season of the Mexican Pacific League against Sultanes in Monterrey on October 11 at 17:30 PM, Baja California time. Two days later, against the same rival, they will inaugurate the campaign in Mexicali at 20:30 PM.


TEAM 123 456 789 C H E
Mexicali 001 200 001 4 7 1
Tijuana 302 000 10x 6 9 0
Flores (0-1), J. Reyes (3), Mendieta (4), Núñez (5), Gálvez (7), Zenizo (8) with Zamudio and Vizcarra. Guerra, Orozco (4), Pérez (5) (1-0), Menéndez (6) (H), Donatela (8) (H), Pirela (9) (S) and García. HR: Gómez, for Águilas. Pérez, for Toros.
BATTING BY ÁGUILAS: Franco, 3-0 (Castañeda, 1-0); Ramírez, 2-0 (B. Gómez, 1-0); Ramírez, 2-0 (Pérez, 1-0); Zamudio, 3-1 (Vizcarra, 1-0); Ruiz, 3-1 (Arellano, 1-1); A. Gómez, 3-1; Camacho, 3-1; Díaz, 2-1 (Mora, 2-0); Gámez, 2-1 (Carrillo, 2-0)
BATTING BY TOROS: Rodríguez, 3-1 (Carrillo, 1-0); Chávez, 3-1 (Romero, 1-1); Lake, 3-1 (Núñez, 1-0); Pérez, 4-3; Kirtley, 4-0; Murillo, 2-1 (O. Tovalín, 2-0); A. Tovalín, 3-0; Zazueta, 4-1; García, 3-0.

VIDEO: Game for a cause is won by Mexicali Águilas: INDE BC


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