Mexicali Aguilas win first charity match against Tijuana Toros: INDE BC

Mexicali beats Tijuana 9-1 on the first charity baseball game!

Mexicali Aguilas won the first border charity match beating the Tijuana Toros 9 runs to 1. The match was watched by 13,000 fans who gathered for a cause.

Before the match, a ceremony took place in honor of people who are fighting against cancer, as two giant ribbons were woven over the infield of Farmacias Santa Mónica Stadium. The color-scheme of the bows identified Foundation Mujeres Que Viven and Foundation Castro-Limón, who will benefit from the ticket sales of both matches.

The ceremony was headed by the Director of the Institute of Sports and Physical Culture, Lourdes Cáñez Martínez, with background music playing the melody to “Color Esperanza”.

Los Toros were ahead on the first turn, after throws by Eduardo Vera. With one out, Junior Lake reached the base, got to the third corner with a single by Félix Pérez to the right, and made a run with an uncatchable ball to the center field by Zachary Kirtley.

However, on the third turn, Los Águilas broke their streak, with an attack of 8 runs.

Everything started with a center hit by Gilberto Vizcarra, who made a run with another single, by Andrés Álvarez, tying the match.

Subsequently, a double by Kevin Zamudio to the left made two more runs possible and the stadium, who had already applauded Chris Robertson since his first turn, burst into cheers when the second bat hit for two runs in the inning, and added one more, before leaving the game in between cheers, letting newcomer runner Israel Camacho take his place.

Águilas clinched on the sixth, when Diego Ramírez got a double on the center field and was able to make another run with a single by Luis Santos to the right.

The newest Águilas reinforcement, Niko Vásquez, debuted with a ground ball with short stops, but on his third try, managed a single to the left, to continue the triumphant attack of Águilas, before leaving the field.

Zamudio was named MVP of the first Classic Match for a Cause.

On Saturday, the second game of this classic match for a cause will take place at Chevron Stadium in Tijuana at 19:30 PM, with Tony Guerra on the Toros side against the scarlet David Reyes.

TOROS 100 000 000 1-8-2
ÁGUILAS 008 001 00x 9-12-1

PG: Thomas Melgarejo
PP: Daniel de la Fuente
No Homeruns

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