Baja California warns of bird flu infection risk

They are asking people to take measures to control its spread in the state

The Secretariat of Fields and Food Security (SCSA) has begun to take actions due to the presence of bird flu in US areas adjacent to Baja California. This is in order to stop its spread in the state.

The Director of Inspection, Health, and Safety of the SCSA, Luis Roberto Ayala Martínez, stated that the presence of this disease in states such as Arizona and California means that the state government will continue to work with the federation in order to demonstrate that current control mechanisms have been effective.

Thanks to the work carried out by the Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development (SADER), the US-Mexico Service Commission for the Prevention of Foot-and-Mouth Disease and other Exotic Animal Diseases (CPA) has informed farmers about animal protocols such as the use of sanitary rugs and cleaning cars that go in and out of units, so as to not bring external agents of this disease.

The disease is transmitted through excrements, saliva, mobile vectors such as flies, and through infected migratory birds that arrive in yards without any animal-health control.

In addition, it is very important to promote people reporting non-common behavior on their animals so as to prevent the presence of bird flu at the Livestock Production Units (UPP) of Baja California.

To conclude, Ayala Martínez mentioned that with training, communication, awareness campaigns, and coordination between all levels of governments, farmers, and the general public, the foundations have been laid so as to prevent the spread of bird flu in Baja California.

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