Baja California presents Festival de Octubre, the state’s greatest cultural event

During Wednesday’s morning press conference, Baja Californian government authorities revealed information about October Festival, the state’s most important cultural event

The Baja Californian Secretary of the Interior, Catalino Zavala Márquez, was the one in charge of speaking at the 44th edition of “Wednesday Morning Press Conference” on September 21st, where he highlighted everything related to the XXI Edition of Festival de Octubre (October Festival), the state’s most important cultural event. In addition, the state official also revealed progress regarding foreign cars regularization.

Regarding the October Festival, the Secretary of Culture of Baja California, Alma Delia Ábrego Ceballos, revealed information about the 21st edition of the October Festival which is the main cultural and artistic activity of Baja California. Several artistic disciplines are gathered at this festival which represents a platform for the cultural community.

The official stated that this year the festival will be called Paá Twa Cháu which in the Kiliwa language means “our home”, a concept that, she underscored, encompasses the meaning of the event this year. It is looking to reclaim the native people of Baja California and promote gender equality, children protection, and respect for diversity. It should be noted that Kiliwa, the Yuma language that is spoken in Baja California, is in danger of disappearing.

The activities of the October Festival will begin on the last week of September and will conclude on the first week of November, with a presence from all Baja Californian municipalities, as well as San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora, Coachella, and Long Beach. Baja Californian art will even reach Los Pinos in Mexico City, with a sample art, gastronomy, and handicraft that will give a comprehensive vision of the state’s culture.

Concerts by singers Fernando Delgadillo and Eugenia León were also highlighted which is why Ábrego Ceballos invited all Baja Californians to attend these activities that will be announced on social media through the Secretariat of Culture and Government of Baja California.


Economic margin increased thanks to vehicular regularization in Baja California


Meanwhile the Secretary of Finance of Baja California, Marco Antonio Moreno Mexía, said that, so far, 124,000 vehicles have been regularized in Baja California, which represents around one fourth of all cars that have undergone this process nationwide. However, they will still work on regularization units that operate statewide in order to reach the highest number of owners that need to have their cars regularized.

As such, he said that the program has had a positive impact in the state’s finances, since it has created revenue due to the license plates issued that has reached $171 million pesos, which is added to the $247 million that have been generated thanks to this regularization process for the government of Mexico.

“This is how we move forward to create better conditions with judicial certainty for car owners and for all people. We are also backing the economy of families that, with a lot of effort, have acquired their cars,” Catalino Zavala said in his speech to Baja Californians.

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