Monument will be built in Baja California as a tribute to Federal Mexican Highway 1

Next year marks the 50th anniversary of this highway’s inauguration

It has been revealed through a press conference at CAPUFE (Federal Entry Roads and Bridges) that a decision has been made to build and install what they call an “identity landmark”, which is a unique monument that is looking to promote road tourism. This type of tourism has had a boom since the pandemic began in the region, according to Lic. Arturo Gutiérrez, President of the Committee of Tourism and Conventions of Tijuana (COTUCO).

This idea came from Tijuana native Álvaro Montao Rubio, author of the book “Welcome to Tijuana”, where he suggested a few years ago to take advantage of the space of a resting area in the scenic road to install a monument with firm materials. After a lot of insistence and public initiatives before the state and federal authorities, this was approved.

At the press conference, Jesús Moreno, President of the Motorcycle Club Solo Ángeles Tijuana, accompanied by Erik Morales and Víctor Parra, were all present, since they are the ones who know, travel, and enjoy the cross-peninsular road.

It is said that this project is a tribute to Federal Mexican Highway 1, which will have its 50th inauguration anniversary next year. As it is known, this road begins in the city of Tijuana and travels through the entire peninsula and ends at Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur. Thousands of people travel this road each year, both residents and foreign visitors from all over the world who want to enjoy its beautiful and unique views.

This project will consist of a concrete 4-meter-high wall, which will have on its center the transparent silhouette of the Baja California peninsula. On its upper right angle, it will have the word Tijuana, the logo of Mexico 1, and below that the text "Aquí Inicia la Patria" (The Nation Begins Here). The project will be visible at least from one kilometer way and will be supervised by Engineer Héctor del Águila, of Club Rotarios of Tijuana.

It is estimated that this project will be built in around 3 to 4 weeks, and it will be located at KM 14.5 of the Playas de Tijuana-Playas de Rosarito road at the resting stop known as Parque “La Joya”. It will cost approximately $30,000 dollars, as the area will be restored with endemic plants of the region, benches, and trash bins. It will be completely financed by private companies.

Sitio dónde será colocado
Sitio dónde será colocado

According to its promoters, it is expected that this project ends up being concluded with support from people, local businessmen, professionals, visual artists, historians, and several civil society organizations. They can be contacted on the following website They added that they are certain that the piece will soon become another identity symbol people can be proud of, especially those who live in Tijuana. In the short term, other pieces like these will be built along Baja California.

To find out more about the history of this iconic road, read the following article: Find out the history of the iconic highway that allows you to travel the Baja Californian peninsula

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