Baja California

Tropical storm Kay causes flooding in Tecate-Hongo highway

Authorities warn that people should avoid traveling on this highway and not cross it until the water level goes down

Photo by: Composición creada para ilustrar

Due to tropical storm Kay that landed on northern Mexico, affecting specially the Baja Californian peninsula, Civil Protection authorities have warned people around the state that they have to take precautions.

Reports by the State Coordination of Civil Protection has warned the people of the municipality of Tecate and those who want to visit, to avoid the Tecate-Hongo highway at Kilómetro 89 level, since it is currently flooded due to last Friday’s hurricane floods.

The flood, according to Civil Protection, has caused some vehicles to stop their tracks.

Authorities recommend avoiding using this highway until traffic is completely safe. Precaution is recommended as well as avoiding crossing until the water level has gone down.

The storm landed on the peninsula of Baja California with winds of 110 to 130 kilometers per hour, causing several areas in Baja California Sur and Baja California to become out of reach and be left without any electrical power. Classes were suspended at all education levels for Friday and Saturday.

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