Extreme heat: temperatures in Tijuana could rise as high as 38°C

Baja California’s Civil Protection Agency released a statement to warn the population at large

Weather forecasts for the region are not very encouraging right now. Everything seems to indicate that there will be some high temperatures this weekend. Sadly, according to the information released, temperatures will only start dropping by the middle of next week.

According to a statement released by the Civil Protection Agency of Baja California, people should be very careful so as to prevent unfortunate accidents during these weather conditions. These measures consist of not being in the sun during the hottest hours and keeping oneself hydrated.

CONAGUA stations have reported an increase in temperatures in Baja California due to a heat wave. According to the weather forecast, temperatures could rise as high as 48°C in Mexicali, 41°C in Tecate, 43°C in San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora, 38°C in Tijuana, 29°C in Ensenada, and 26 °C in Rosarito.

They also revealed that temperatures in Baja California’s main municipalities will be:


Minimum: 22.0 °C
Maximum: 38.0 °C


Minimum: 19.0 °C
Maximum: 29.0 °C


Minimum: 31.9 °C
Maximum: 48.7 °C


Minimum: 27.8 °C
Maximum: 41.5 °C

Playas de Rosarito:

Minimum: 19.5 °C
Maximum: 26.1 °C

Protección Civil de Baja California Facebook
Protección Civil de Baja California Facebook

They also stated that it is important to report any incident with vulnerable people who are exposed to these high temperatures so that they can be sent to a shelter.

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