Couple travels by motorcycle from San Francisco to Baja California Sur in just 21 days!

This couple visited several places in Baja and enjoyed its landscapes

Photo by: Wayne Sutton

Baja California is quite a convenient place to travel due to its highways that connect the southern region of this peninsula as well as access to several places; an American couple visited this state in the best way possible by motorcycle.

This trip lasted exactly 21 days. It was a 3,709 miles round trip from San Francisco to Cabo San Lucas. The travelers are named Wayne Sutton and his wife Melinda Briana Epler.

Both traveled by motorcycle on the beautiful highways of the Baja Californian coastline while also staying at several places such as Todos Santos, Valle de Guadalupe, La Paz, and San Felipe and they passed by several other places such as San José del Cabo, Cabo San Lucas, and more. They got into Mexico from Tecate and said goodbye to Mexico by entering the US from Mexicali.

During their trip they claimed that they enjoyed their visit, the desert, the food, and the kind acceptance by people in each of the places they visited. They said that the beaches and sunsets were the best things about their trip. It should be noted that this was the first trip in Mexico for Wayne and the second one for Melinda.

Both shared their experience and thanked the tips and help provided by other users. They added that 95% of their tour was done on highways while the other 5% was done out of the highway to get to their destination.

Something else they spoke of is that they took into account the season when they decided to travel due to high temperatures. However, they were very thankful that they found several different areas alone and beaches that were practically empty only for the two of them.

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