Violent acts that took place in Tijuana were “propaganda”, claims AMLO

“Thankfully, no human lives were lost,” the president stated

During the morning press conference on Monday, August 15, the president of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador spoke about the violent incidents that occurred in Baja California, Ciudad Juárez, and Jalisco. The president regretted the violent acts that took place and the lives lost.

It is very regrettable because of the innocent people, that is, people who are not involved in illegal activities such as in Juarez where they shot people. It is very regrettable because that hadn’t happened.

However, he said that the violent acts that occurred in Tijuana and Ensenada were “propaganda.”

Regarding Tijuana and Ensenada, no, it was propaganda: they set vehicles on fire and other activities that thankfully did not end up in lives lost.

Next Friday, August 19, the president of Mexico will visit Baja California, specifically the city of Tijuana, in order to address water shortage issues and lead the security council where a solution for the violent acts is expected to be given so that these violent incidents never happen again.

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