Woman will travel from Ensenada to Australia on rowing boat

This trip will take a year to complete

Feats achieved around the world can be quite impressive and Australian Michelle Lee will carry out one that won’t ever be forgotten: she will cross the sea from the port of Ensenada to Sydney, Australia on a rowing boat. This was announced at a press conference in Hotel Coral y Marina.

Michelle Lee claimed that her trip named “Road For Freedom” would begin with the proper climatic conditions. So, when on Monday, August 8 at 1 AM they showed up, she was bid farewell with mariachi alongside friends and supporters.

It should be noted that Lee has already accomplished a great feat: she crossed the Atlantic Ocean. This trip was inspired by a book and she said that among her favorite moments during her travels was to experience nature raw since she was able to see fish, dolphins, shooting stars, and full moons.

Michelle told local media outlet Podio Media that she expects the trip to last from 7 to 12 months to finish, since there are 14,000 kilometers that need to be traveled by rowing. However, she hopes to finish this trip in approximately 200 days.

She also added that she is doing “Road For Freedom” in order to raise her voice against the tyranny of her country, specifically freedom of speech and other issues such as mandatory face masks and vaccination tests. She has said that she is proudly against all of these.

Michelle’s initial idea was to start at Golden Gate in San Francisco, California, but since she is not vaccinated against COVID-19 she was not allowed in the US. She readjusted her plans and decided to begin her trip in Ensenada thanks to what she says was “divine intervention.” Her boat, the Australian Maid, has dehydrated food to last for up to a year (as a precautionary measure), as well as peanut butter containers, Nutella and Vegemite. She also has solar panels, lithium batteries, and a water purifier.

Nacho Hernández
Nacho Hernández

On her official Facebook page, she shared the first hours of her trip. Her last livestream took place approximately at 8 AM where she stated that these were probably her last moments with Wi-Fi, since she was too far away from the coastline. She thanked her friends, family, and the people of Ensenada that have become a family for her for the support they have showed her.

If you wish to track down Lee’s trip, you can do so with an app.

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