Baja California and its history with cinema in Baja Window to the South

Find out more about Baja Studios, an impressive company that has collaborated in several Hollywood productions. This and more in the latest episode of Baja Window to the South!

Do you love movies? Do you live in Baja California? Then you must know that your state has been a part of great cinematic successful films such as Titanic and Pirates of the Caribbean.

We are talking about Baja Studios, a film studio in Rosarito, Baja California that has the biggest water stages and tanks in the world. Our guest, Luisa Gómez de Silva, producer and consultant, tells us all about them.

We also spoke with Barbarella Pardo, producer, casting director, and extras coordinator, who told us about her 31 years of experience working on projects for Disney, Paramount, Sony, and much more.

Lastly, we talked with Lourdes Ibañez about her online learning platform by Héroes que transforman la educación (Heroes Transforming Education) for vulnerable children of all ages.

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