Marina del Pilar promotes public spaces for children and teenagers in Baja California

This is in order to promote more areas for the development of families in the state

Baja California Governor Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda promoted adequate public spaces so that Baja Californian families, children, and teenagers can develop in a healthy and peaceful environment, this being a priority of her administration.

Marina del Pilar highlighted the importance that present and future generations have proper spaces to develop artistic and cultural skills, as well as recreational areas such as the ones provided by the Secretariat of Culture in all of Baja California. Nevertheless, she reaffirmed her commitment to restore the areas closer to neighborhoods, so that they are closer to where Baja Californian families live.

She also explained that throughout the year there have been over 70 area recovery campaigns in all the municipalities of the state, making areas safer for the recreation and development of children and teenagers, who can use these spaces for outdoor activities. The governor emphasized the support for local artists so that they can offer their art to benefit society.

Ávila Olmeda highlighted the creation of at least 19 murals organized by the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSCBC) in order to transform vandalized or unused spaces in proper spaces for present and future generations. The agency has kept a close coordination with representatives of the cultural sector, since these are supremely important elements in order to achieve peace.

Marina del Pilar also revealed that around 5,700 square meters of vandalized fences and walls have been recovered in all of the state’s municipalities, changing the landscape of communities and the environments in which families live in. At the same time, the importance of keeping urban infrastructure in good conditions is being promoted, Besides painting, some murals are also spreading messages regarding essential daily life values.

It should be noted that when it comes to urban intervention actions, SSCBC has dealt with more than 11,2000 reports regarding violence directed to communities, following instructions given by Governor Marina del Pilar of always keeping an eye on people’s concerns, especially those who need authorities’ help the most.

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