On August 25, Education Makeover will give scholarships to more than 200 children in Tijuana

In these times, it is not only fun to do things differently, but it has become essential

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On August 25, the Education Makeover Foundation, will give scholarships to children from foundations and peripheral areas of the city as part of the event “Heroes that are transforming education”.

This event is looking to raise funds to bring education support to sectors of the city that need it the most. It is mainly meant for the business sector, but anyone can donate through their official website. The minimum goal is 200 scholarships, though they are hoping that the number is much higher. The event will take place at Mind Hub offices, located at Río Suchiate 13, Col. Revolución in Tijuana.

Education Makeover was born from a pedagogic project called Galaxia Club Lia, a virtual platform whose origins started 20 years ago. In 2017, the foundation was created mainly as a way to invite communities to transform education in our society, helping the education sector through new techniques and virtual learning tools.

Lulú Ibáñez, the project’s founder, states that during the 2019 pandemic, the virtual world became more relevant than ever in the world; not only is it more fun to do things differently, she added, but essential.

If we add students who were already being left behind, this lag became even worse during the pandemic.

In addition, she said that her project is not looking to discredit or replace traditional education, but instead it wants to complement education as we already know it. She adds that one of the mistakes that has occurred during online classes is that most teachers didn’t take into account proper pedagogic tools, but simply changed from one area to another.

This means that they simply changed classrooms for virtual rooms, but techniques were not modified and new tools were not added. This is where the Education Makeover foundation comes in as they want to complement student education for their best development since, in fifteen to twenty years, they will be the ones in control of society’s decisions.

Lulú Ibáñez is a Tijuana native. She graduated from Universidad Autónoma de Baja California where she studied IT. Since 2003, she has focused her efforts on the education sector through projects such as Galaxia Club Lia and Education Makeover.

Don’t forget that you can make a donation on their website right here.

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