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DIF Baja California handles international adoption

A 17-year-old was adopted by a US couple

A US family decided to adopt and change the life of a 17-year-old boy, by making him a part of the family with the process being handled by DIF.

DIF president Mavis Olmeda García stated that after a process where the judicial framework established regarding international adoption was followed accurately, a US couple was able to make this young man part of the family.

“For everyone who is a part of DIF Baja California, this is very significant, because we are already helping to change and improve the life of a young man. He already has a family that will offer him the love and care that he needs for his best development. Today he begins a new phase with a very promising future,” Olmeda García stated.

The young man was admitted into a temporary shelter in Tijuana in 2013 and was later put in a children’s home where he received the necessary care until a couple became interested in adopting him.

After meeting all the requirements mandated by law such as socioeconomic studies, psychological evaluations, courses at the Adoptive Parents School, among others, DIF Baja California, through the Adoption Council, assigned the child.

Subsequently, there was a legal process regarding a Parental Authority Loss Trial at the Family District Court which was approved after several legal procedures were continued, all concluding with the minor being given to the family. Once the judge gave judgement regarding willing adoption jurisdiction, the family asked for an identification for the young man assigning their last names on his birth certificate at the Civil Registry.

This is how DIF Baja California reasserts their commitment to safeguard the rights of this young man to live with a family, always putting first his own wellbeing, which is why today he will be enjoying the love and care of a new home.

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