Condo owners complain about early morning camper parties in Rosarito beaches

Authorities have ignored residents and landlords’ reports about parties in Rosarito beaches that make it difficult to sleep

In Rosarito, condo property owners have complained about loud noises that are frequently heard at late night hours due to campers at the beach.

According to a video published on social media, one can see people camping and partying with music at high volume all the way up to 5:45 AM. It should be noted that though the police spoke with the people camping, they only asked them to turn down the music, but the party continued all the way up to 9 AM.

Though incidents like this have been constantly reported, the fact is that authorities have ignored people’s complaints, who claim that these situations create a bad image of the city and eclipse the quality tourism that is offered.

In addition, in the user’s video, the corruption of the Rosarito police is reported, claiming that they allow these people to continue on all night long and annoy residents by receiving bribes.

How are we going to promote the state if we allow this type of inconsistencies. My question is how much money they’re bribing the Rosarito police with to allow them to camp, get drunk, and play music at high volume all night long.

Has something similar happened to you?

VIDEO: Scandal reported in federal area of Playas de Rosarito


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