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Marina del Pilar announces security plan for summer vacation in Baja California

In order to prevent accidents due to increased tourism during summer, the state administration is working together with federal and municipal authorities to bring security to the state’s roads and highways

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In coordination with the state security forces, the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Baja California (SSCBC) will deploy a number of operatives to bring safety to all people in Baja California, as well as national and international tourists so that they can enjoy the tourist attractions of the region’s different destinations, stated Governor Marina del Pilar.

The Baja Californian Governor said that during the summer the number of foreign visitors to the state increases 200%, which represents an economic revenue and wellbeing for Baja California’s families, especially those who live directly of tourist activities. However, there is also an increase in road accidents, which is why it is necessary to apply security protocols that prevent accidents that risk people’s lives and integrity.

Ávila Olmeda emphasized that the State Citizen Security Force (FESC) participates in the plan as well as municipal police, firefighters, Civil Protection municipal organizations, the Mexican Red Cross, and the State’s Prosecutor Office (FGE).

The governor added that the program’s goal is to provide security during the summer break, through patrolling, highway control booths, information booths, and specific actions for beach, dam, park, resort, and other Baja Californian tourist areas’ security. This is in order to promote peace and safety for all Baja Californian families.

In addition, Marina del Pilar thanked the willingness of federal forces for joining the work being carried out to make residents and visitors’ summer vacations much easier, since all they want is to enjoy the benefits of tourist activity after two years of pandemic. In this plan, the National Guard, the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA), the Secretariat of the Navy (SEMAR), and National Center of Intelligence (CNI) all participate.

Marina del Pilar also encouraged all people in Baja California to follow recommendations laid out by the State Coordination of Civil Protection for this season such as: respecting speed limits in highways, using safety belts, having your vehicle checked before using it, verifying your destination’s meteorological condition, visiting only places that have security, as well as not exposing oneself to the sun for long periods of time, keeping hydrated, and using sunscreens.

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