500 artists will participate in “Ópera en la Calle” in Tijuana: Baja Window to the South

On this episode, María Teresa Riqué, Director of the Tijuana Opera was a guest

Photo by: Ópera de Tijuana

Art in Baja California is another highlight of this state and its culture with places such as Tijuana’s Cultural Center (CECUT), Tijuana’s State Center of the Arts (CEART), and many others. On this occasion, Baja Window to the South hosts Scott Koenig and Olga Sánchez de la Vega interviewed a Tijuana native that is deeply involved in this area.

María Teresa Riqué is the Director of the Tijuana Opera, and though she is originally form Jalisco she has become a “Tijuana native by adoption” as she moved to this border city when she was very young. She was admitted to the Tijuana Orchestra in the 90s and in a short time, she became its director.

Teresa is the director of the Opera in the Streets Festival (Ópera en la Calle) which was created in 2004 as a “joke”, since during the Opera Coffee Festivals there were a lot of attendants in a very small space. Somebody ended up saying that the next year it would end up taking place in the street which was what ended up happening, and it became the Opera in the Street.

This year will have the participation of around 500 artists and will take place on Saturday, July 16. Live shows will begin approximately at 4 PM and will end up at 11 PM. Starting at 1 PM, there will be activities for the whole family, as well as gastronomic offers by the city’s restaurants.

For those who didn’t know about this event, you will be able to enjoy not only opera shows, but also orchestras which will play alongside the artists. One of these will be Tijuana’s Youth Symphony which, though it is not a part of the opera itself, will participate in this festival along with other collaborators and guest artists.

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