Baja California

Marina del Pilar strengthens coordination with the government of Mexico City

The governor has been meeting with federal authorities to implement welfare projects in the state

Baja California Governor Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda met with the Head of Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheibaum Pardo with the goal of addressing concrete coordination projects between both administrations to strengthen the social, economic, and cultural links within Mexican society.

As part of the meeting, Marina del Pilar not only highlighted the contributions of people from Mexico City in Baja California, but also the high mobility between both regions and the mutual economic boost that has been strengthened between federal entities.

Because of this, the governor and the head of government highlighted the breakthroughs of Baja California’s Digital Agency which has worked successfully with a similar system to Mexico City, which consists of streamlining all government paperwork and processes which is an important improvement for public institutions in order to assist the general public’s needs. Claudia Sheinbaum emphasized the importance of this initiative that has helped to modernize construction activities as part of an open and transparent government.

Sheinbaum also recognized Marina del Pilar for being a governor who prioritizes the needs of her people who is also open to communicate efficiently with other governments and institutions to boost projects to benefit everyone. She also said that dialogue between Baja California and Mexico City will be strengthened in the next few months.

Both heads of government agreed to carry out joint projects, as well as keep promoting investment, mobility, and work related to improving the reality of the people they govern. They also expressed a willingness to follow-up on communication to improve the efficiency of coordinated actions in all areas of their respective administrations.

Meanwhile, as part of her visit to Mexico City, Marina del Pilar met with María Luisa Albores, head of the Secretariat of the Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT), with whom she agreed on a coordinated agenda to safeguard the integrity of the state’s flora and fauna, as well as the ecosystems and general natural resources.

“We have carried out very productive dialogue as we keep looking for a way to join efforts for projects that transform Baja California, always prioritizing taking care of the environment and its people,” Marina del Pilar stated on social media.

Ávila Olmeda once again acknowledged the Mexican Government and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for supporting Baja California and its people in essential issues such as COVID-19 vaccines and the development of infrastructure in the state.

She also congratulated the lawyers of Baja California as it was their day and reiterated her commitment to keep working for justice and peace in the state, promoting respect for laws that benefit the community.

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