Marina del Pilar launches Crusade for the Rights of Children and Teenagers in Baja California

Economic aid was delivered to strengthen the functioning of children’s homes in the state

Governor Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda launched the Crusade for the Rights of Girls, Boys, and Teenagers in Baja California, part of which meant she delivered a check for 2,5 million pesos to benefit 96 children’s homes in the state. This program adds several institutions of the state government with the National System of the Comprehensive Development of Family (SNDIF) to promote, strengthen, and care for the rights of girls and boys and teenagers. All of this is to guarantee this sector of the population a life free of violence, a life where their rights are fully respected, and a life where their wellbeing is bolstered.

In her speech, Marina del Pilar highlighted that those who dedicate their lives to protecting children and teenagers are fully supported by the state government, since her administration’s goal is to strengthen the DIF System so that it is more efficient in taking care of children who require assistance by authorities.

“This is the government of childhood, this is the government that puts our children first, and this is reflected in our 2022-2027 State Development Plan (PED) where, for the first time ever, we consulted them. We created our government plan based on the voices of girls and boys,” she said.

At the ceremony, Nuria Fernández, Director of DIF Nacional, was present, who highlighted the commitment of Marina del Pilar in creating initiatives that look to improve the life of children, as well as the importance of teaming up with several government agencies to solve any scenario that could risk children of our country.

For her part, President of DIF Baja California, Mavis Olmeda García emphasized that the programs included on the Crusade are part of the 2022-2027 PED, which also has as one of its main pillars solving child abuse issues, taking into account a permanent focus on human rights, becoming a factor of change for the future.

She added that another goal is to guarantee with all possible resources the fulfillment of the rights of girls, boys, and teenagers of living in favorable family environments for their comprehensive wellbeing and diminish the number of children who lack parenting care and/or are living at Social Assistance Centers. The event was also attended by representatives of the state’s children’s homes.

According to numbers by DIF Baja California, currently there are 2,308 children and teenagers that are under the state government’s jurisdiction, of which 424 are currently in temporary shelters in Tijuana and Mexicali, while the rest are in the 96 children’s homes distributed all over the state.

That’s why, eight months after she took office, the Marina del Pilar administration has managed to expand and diversify the spaces that assist children with particular psychiatric conditions, disabilities or disruptive behaviors, which is another step so that they can improve their lives through the assistance they receive.

At this even the following people were present: Mónica Vargas Núñez, Director of DIF Baja California, Santiago Pérez González, and Martha Elena Huerta López, head of children’s home Yahve A.C., as well as girls and boys under the protection of the state DIF.

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