Marina del Pilar presents biggest ecopark project in Mexicali

The governor announced the "Ecoparque Lagunas Mexicali" project located south of the state capital

Baja California Governor Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda announced a project, part of the RESPIRA program, that will be carried out in the state capital: Ecoparque Lagunas Mexicali, located in southern Mexicali. This park will be born in order to create more green areas that benefit the wellbeing of all Baja Californians. This project had begun its planning stages in 2021 when the current administration took office.

In her speech to Mexicali society, the state governor stated that when society and government work together things happen, which is why it is one of her priorities as governor to promote public works such as these. This is especially true for men and women who, from the business, environmental, and civil sectors, have a sense of belonging and love their city, and have achieved a lot during the first months of her administration.

“This will be the most important park in Mexicali. We want to create an area with comprehensive and coexistence development for our boys and girls. We want to create the green areas that Mexicali deserves. We want to create an area full of life, an area that we all yearn for. We have it but there was a willingness lacking to make it possible. Today we are going to do it with heart above all and we are going to have the green area that all Mexicali natives deserve,” she stated.

For his part, the Coordinator of the Regeneration of Public Spaces Program of Baja California, Carlos Torres Torres, recognized the willingness of the 14th Municipal Administration of Mexicali led by mayor Norma Alicia Bustamante Martínez, as well as the patronage of “Mexicali Gran Visión” led by Juan Ignacio Guajardo, since everyone involved in the project is looking to “change the gray and brown landscapes that we see every day to green landscapes, to green cities.”

Meanwhile, the Secretary of Infrastructure, Urban Development, and Territorial Redesign, Arturo Espinoza Jaramillo said that within 60 days the first public works corresponding to phase one of this project will begin on terrain that consists of 13 hectares of land. The same amount will be inside the lagoon, which is part of a greater lagoon system.

The state official explained that it will have child and sports areas for families, as well as for the development of a series of strategic activities focused on the wellbeing of Mexicali families. He also emphasized that the goal is for this project to be completed in 2023, as part of the RESPIRA program, which is focused on building more environmentally-friendly cities.

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