Tecate, among recommended magical towns to tour vineyards

Escapadah.com presents 3 must-visit magical towns with a winemaking history in Mexico

Mexico is a country where you can find an endless number of magical towns to visit, places where you can enjoy gastronomy, drinks, tours, landscapes, and much more, all of which makes you fall in love more and more. Magical towns are characterized for being emblematic for each city and their activities while their tourist tours pull you into their history.

Escapadah.com presented 3 magical places where one can have both a gratifying experience and discover the beautiful vineyards that exist in Mexico. In each of these magical towns you will be able to find out more about winemaking. We recommend that you visit these vineyards between July and September where the harvest season is celebrated, a festivity with different activities. Just so you know, Tecate appears on the list!

1) Tequisquiapan, Querétaro

Tequisquiapan, one of the six magical towns of Queretaro is characterized by its peace and its great climate all year long. Around it, you can find several health resorts and thermal waters perfect to freshen up during your summer vacations or weekend getaway. The town’s streets are colorful and one can appreciate the daily life in the country.

There are several tours that can explain you everything about the wine industry and how it has positioned itself throughout the years. Tequisquiapan is the venue of the Festival of Cheese and Wine, a traditional festival where the best wine and most delicious cheese products made in Queretaro are exhibited.

During the harvest seasons you can visit wineries such as Jazz en el Viñedo, La Redonda, Vinos del Marqués, Los Rosales, Viñedos Azteca, and Finca Sala Vive.

2) Parras de la Fuente, Coahuila

In southern Coahuila, in the middle of the desert, Parras de la Fuente is an oasis surrounded by vineyards, walnut trees, and historic streets that invite visitors to tour in peace. Its great history and traditions not only come together in its architecture and gastronomy, but also creates in Parras de la Fuente a desert-framed atmosphere and unique experience.

Founded more than 400 years ago and benefited from the water tables that make its lands fertile in the desert, Parras is famous for its winemaking history. Here you can find the oldest winery in the continent: Vinícola San Lorenzo founded in 1597.

Among the most representative wineries of this magical town there are Casa Madero, Rivero González, Viñedos Don Leo, Las Pudencianas, among others.

3) Tecate, Baja California

Tecate is the only magical town located in the border. It is the starting point of the Wine Route, a place where you will find some of the oldest wineries in the state. It is the place where the worldwide famous beer Tecate was born and where you can enjoy the great gems of Baja Californian nature.

Tecate was a part of San Diego Mission since the 18th century. It has a colonial style, with cattle farm landscapes, as well as impressive mountains and rocky formations. One can acquire popular art pieces made out of clay, blown glass, ceramics, and wicker at Casa de Artesanías.

We recommend that you visit the following vineyards: Casa Veramendi, Vinícola Rosa de Castilla, Vinícola de la Casa Bichi, Rancho Tecate, and Vinícola Las Estrellas

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