Baja’s Ex Governor Jaime Bonilla could be investigated for buying $3.9 million-dollar condo at the Meridian in San Diego

According to revelations, he purchased it when he was governor of Baja California

Once again, the former governor of Baja California, Jaime Bonilla Valdez finds himself in the middle of a controversy due to the fact that he purchased a condominium in San Diego whose total cost is $3.9 million dollars. It is located in the exclusive tower, The Meridian. The purchase of this property, according to Semanario Zeta, occurred while he was state governor.

According to what Marlene León, Director of Iniciativa Sinaloa A.C., told Semanario Zeta, it is possible that Bonilla had carried out administrative infringement and misconduct to buy the condominium and not make public how he managed to purchase this property.

The most serious issue about this is that these misconducts could be associated with corruption acts such as illicit enrichment, diversion of resources or embezzlement, which is why the Anticorruption Agency could act with a penal process.

Moreover, they conclude that the former governor should have informed everyone about the properties and assets that he possesses. Besides, the salary he received as a state official does not match him buying such a luxurious apartment, located in one of San Diego’s best areas.

One of the consequences that Bonilla could face, in case it is proven that he partook in corruption acts, is that he could be economically fined, although it was made clear that this all will be up to the Secretariat of Honesty and Public Service.

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