Airbnb adds button to look for lodging in vineyards. Discover all the choices you can find in Valle de Guadalupe!

Thanks to this you will be able to find your ideal spot more easily

Do you like wine and would you like to live the best experiences in Valle de Guadalupe and other vineyards in the world? Then you will love to know about a button that has been added to the digital platform that offers touristic and residential lodging, Airbnb.

This new addition by Airbnb is due to the fact that a lot of vineyards with lodging are not traditional hotels. So users will now be able to find a winery where they can stay at.

Casa Colorada
Casa Colorada

This is a part of the improvements carried out by Airbnb to make searches easier for the users. The company even claimed that their intention is to help users “discover places they wouldn’t have been able to search for otherwise.”

For this they have added more than 50 categories that include places from traditional houses to camping to many other discoveries that users will love. In fact, regarding vineyards, Airbnb hosts more than 100,000 places so that the user can enjoy their love for wine.


This not only has benefits for the Airbnb user but also benefits entire winemaking regions and winemakers, especially if we are talking about Valle de Guadalupe which is a region that still continues to grow.

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