Chaos in San Ysidro border crossing: fighting breaks out among dozens of people in between the cars

Chaos and disarray occurred on Sunday evening

At the Tijuana-San Diego border crossing everything has happened: dancing people, stage plays, dogs crossing the border, fights due to cutting in line (that has even led to smashed car windows), among many other things.

So it is no surprise when something like what happened yesterday happens: a fight involving at least a dozen of people at the border crossing broke out, creating terrible chaos.

In videos uploaded and spread through social media one can see how one person attacks another one with a stick which is then struck several times. People around yelled worried while the cars around them wouldn’t stop honking their cars.

The videos don’t show whether the police or CBP agents arrived to stop the fighting, but one can see that two people got involved in order to calm down the parties fighting and furiously running through the border crossing lanes.

VIDEO: Fight breaks out at San Ysidro border crossing


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