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AMLO claims that 71% of people don’t want daylight savings time; Baja California would desynchronize from California

This schedule would affect thousands of Tijuana natives

Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador revealed a few weeks ago that he would suspend summer schedule (daylight savings time) and claimed that he would send the initiative next week to Congress in order to eliminate it.

According to the president, 71% of the population agrees in getting rid of the schedule, however, for Baja Californians and other border states this could create problems.

This is because the time for these cities tend to synchronize with those on the American side, since a large portion of the population works in the United States and crosses daily to work.

If the schedule is eliminated, this would leave us with a 1-hour time difference with California. In fact, the association Unidos por Tijuana declared themselves against this initiative:

“Baja California and California is a border region, which has always been characterized as binational with a strong commercial cultural, academic, and family interrelationship. This is because a lot of the residents in these cities have developed activities in both places at the same time,” they shared in a statement.

In addition, they said that the schedule would affect thousands of Tijuana natives and people with double nationality who live in Tijuana and cross daily to California, whether to work or because their children study in San Diego schools.

Another thing that they mentioned is that the elimination of the summer schedule would affect tourism since it will go dark earlier. In fact, the most affected tourism would be medical tourism.

“It should be noted that most of our revenue in the tourism sector comes from the easiness of moving from one place to the other and because we have the same time. A lot of Baja Californian families live from tourism,” Unidos por Tijuana concluded.

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