There are currently over 100 construction projects in Tijuana: Baja Window to the South

Cost accessibility, new architecture, and different lifestyles are what attracts Americans

Photo by: Brayan Romero

Housing costs in the United States have been rising little by little, making it harder for residents to buy a house to the point that some have decided to live in Baja California due to its accessibility. To talk about this, Héctor Bustamante was present. He is the General Director of Bustamante Realty Group of Baja California, which has over 20 years of experience with several different projects that can make any housing vision become a reality.

Bustamante said that, currently, the city has been blooming thanks to the work by different people and this has been observable as time has passed. The city is quite big and it has different kinds of lifestyles which is why this current project downtown will create a more familiar environment for the Americans who normally visit this area.

This is why they are looking to make all of the area’s culture, art, music, and gastronomy approachable, so that artists are able to share their talent with residents, tourists, and the general public. It should be noted that the diversity that exists in all these areas easily adapts to everyone’s taste.

Héctor added that one of the things he likes about living downtown is that it creates a very united community between the building’s residents and the merchants with their shops nearby. This creates a connection among everyone where every person always tries to help each other. He also said that half of the people who live in Tijuana are from other Mexican cities, which has made this city a multicultural zone. This is one of the things that Americans can observe when they come to live in the city, instead of the coastal areas, since they have a greater closeness to Mexican culture.

Currently, there are over 100 construction projects that are being built at once all around Tijuana, which range from condominium buildings to malls. Though Americans previously only came here to visit, they are now coming so that they can live here in Tijuana. They do this because the price sometimes is half or even a fourth of the price of what one would pay in San Diego, not to mention the lifestyle and new architecture they can enjoy.

An interesting fact is that the place where this interview was recorded is Héctor’s apartment, in one of his new projects called Distrito Revolución. Its name represents the changes that have been occurring in the area where it is located, which hadn’t had construction built for more than 20 years and it was only 5 years ago when this area started to modernize with new buildings.

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